What To Know About Fire Safety System Inspections


Being a fire protection company gives you a huge responsibility and leaves no scope for mistakes. It is stressful and upsetting sometimes when you have a big clientele to manage and you are not able to live up to their expectations. Sometimes deliberation in the services can cause destructive fire claiming millions of dollars of property and also lives. To avoid it today, it is smart to reply to dependable technology such as Aries Software that offers a plethora of services to fire door inspection software. Through these software solutions you can easily manage your inspections, schedule appointments, manage inventory, and do invoices efficiently. furthermore, you also get mobility solutions, allowing you to manage your enterprise using iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Fine-tuned with your modern needs it is everything that you are looking for. Coming back to our topic – here are a few things that determine the need for fire safety system inspection and how often it should be done.

What should be inspected regularly?

A fire safety system refers to the network of fire suppressant equipment like fire sprinklers, fire alarms, smoke detection devices, clean agents, extinguishers, and more. This allows you to protect your clients’ homes from fire as per their environment in which they are living. Like a sprinkler could be a bad choice for someone living in a cold region, and a dry fire sprinkler system would be a better choice. Each home and building have a different need and thus, what system you would be using to protect it from fire, requires you to use crucial data and make informed choices. Aries Software company integrates high-end technology that captures data to provide you crucial insights and make better decisions for your business.

Furthermore, you need to make sure these solutions get automatically triggered as no matter what situation is, you need to be well aligned with not just the customer needs but also building code and local laws. For this regular maintenance has to be done.

When to Inspect Fire Safety Systems


Not very often your clients are going to call you for maintenance especially given their hectic schedule. You need to regularly notify them that their maintenance date is coming near and they need to schedule it at their convenience. But even for that, you have to boil down manually every detail of their fire protection system and push them emails or messages. You can replace this exhaustive task by implementing Aries fire protection software that manages your maintenance, protects your data, does the scheduling, and much more. Makes it easy for you to see any maintenance appointment needed to be done the next day and schedule yourself accordingly. Also, since the system manages your inventory, no matter what system is installed you will have the needed equipment to keep their system at the top of their health.

Also, since it is specifically built software for the fire safety system, it is well-aligned to the National Fire Protection Association, and local code regulations.