The Best Way to Store Fire Extinguishers in the Workplace

Keeping fire safety in check at your organization is crucial, as fire hazards can cost a lot of life. Many business organizations do not put a lot of effort into maintaining their fire extinguisher. The Fire Extinguisher Inspection report can serve essential for your organization as it helps you know about the working condition of the extinguishers you have at your office.


The Fire Extinguishers are firefighting equipment you need for your protection when the fire gets out of hand. So, you got the fire extinguisher in working condition. Having a properly working fire extinguisher is a great relief for you and your employees. Therefore, you need to implement the routine checkup of the fire safety system of your building

Here are things that you should do for the maintenance of your fire extinguisher.

Tags on the Fire Extinguishers 

If you take a closer look at the fire extinguisher maintenance software, you can see tags on it. The tags hold the information about the inspection dates of the extinguisher. You need to look at your fire extinguisher tags and see if you are not lagging on the inspection and maintenance of your fire extinguisher. Later, you can call services for the inspection and ask them for the Fire Extinguisher Inspection report.

Seek professional help

When it comes to fire safety, taking the matter into your hand might not be a good idea. You are not a fire expert, and the stakes are too high that you cannot leave any room for mistakes. The simple fire extinguisher needs annual maintenance, as it has complex machinery—the professional knowledge about the working mechanism of the fire extinguisher. A professional will have to look at every single component of the fire extinguisher and see if every component is working properly or not.

Also, during the inspection, the Professionals will check the pressure of your extinguisher. The pressure is the main component for the working of the Fire Extinguisher. There might be a chance that your fire extinguisher got the low volume of extinguishing agent, which requires you to refill the extinguishing agent. Later, the correct Fire Extinguisher Inspection Report created by the professionals can tell you if you need to change the fire extinguisher at your premise.

Thorough Inspections


Besides the annual fire safety inspection at your organization, you need to take extra care of the extinguisher. The Fire extinguisher got a lot of issues that call for maintenance at particular time intervals.

For instance, you need to call for a technician after six years. The technician’s job is to check the pressure and refill the fire extinguisher during the six-year inspection. Another inspection that you need to take is at12 years. It is time the extinguisher needs the hydro test.  In the hydro test, the technician will empty your fire extinguisher. After emptying the fire extinguisher, the technician checks for any leak and corrosion in the fire extinguisher.  If there is any sign of corrosion or leak in your fire extinguisher, you might have to buy a new fire extinguisher. If everything is all right with your fire extinguisher, the technician will refill and pressurize your fire extinguisher.